Is It Important To Check My Loft Water Tank
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Is It Important To Check My Loft Water Tank

You’re not alone if you have a water tank in your loft that needs replacing or removing. Many people are making the switch to modern heating systems. But some homeowners find that upgrading the water tank is a better option.

1st things first…

Why do you have 2 water tanks in your loft?

If you’re having trouble figuring out why there are two water tanks in your loft, it’s probably because the house previously had (or still has) a vented central heating system. Water from the mains is sent to the bigger of the two tanks, which is known as a cold water storage tank. This water is carried by way of the boiler and a hot water cylinder before being used in the central heating system and taps. The header tank serves as a filler for the heating system while also providing additional room for the water to expand when heated.

Although a condensate pump is not critical for these systems, it may be desirable to include one. Vented heating systems rely on gravity to increase water pressure, which is why the tank is kept as high as feasible in the house. To minimise water usage, it is common to install an unvented system. Water is supplied into the boiler and hot water cylinder at mains pressure, which is generally greater, making this a more modern option.

How to clean water tank in loft

Homeowners with an old or damaged water tank in the loft commonly face these issues::

  • There is a water tank in the loft that is leaking.
  • The water tank in the loft is currently empty.
  • The water tank in my loft is making noise and it’s driving me crazy!
  • Water level in loft isn’t going up.


If you’re having issues with your heating, it’s best to reach out to a professional. They’ll be able to help you clean the water tank and make sure that the water is safe for use. Oftentimes, people need to clean their tanks because the blockages are preventing the water from being used regularly. If this is the case or if your tank is too big for your home, then you may have problems down the line. Legionella bacteria can grow in the water if it is kept warm for too long, especially if the weather is nice. Pontiac fever or Legionnaires’ disease may be caused by legionella bacteria that develop in the water. Leaves, dirt, food pollutants, rust, and even tiny animals might cause water tanks to become contaminated. Every year,

Contact Robinson heating And Plumbing if you are having issues with your water tank.

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